Cheap Insurance – Take a Buddy and Take the Bus to Save on Auto Coverage

Every insurance company claims to have cheap insurance coverage for vehicles but what they don’t tell you is how to obtain these great deals. If you don’t take the time out to solicit important facts from your agent then you may be left in the dark on some special offers. I’d like to talk about some ways you can save money and how you can help save the planet while doing so. This plan is a part of a social experiment that I like to call “Take a Buddy Take a Bus”

We as Americans are heavy consumers of everything. We proportionally use most of the oil in the world, we eat more, and we just have more stuff. In order to save money on your vehicle coverage it might be in your best interest to look into changing how you commute on a daily basis. Do you find yourself driving over 40 miles a day to get to and from work? If so, you should really consider doing your part to reduce your consumption by finding alternative means to commute daily. Some insurers will help you get cheap insurance if you reduce your annual mileage. Asking specifics about the numbers you need to aim for will help you obtain the best coverage.

Some employers have been known to aid in their employees attempt at change. Ask your boss about any programs that could subsidize or even fully pay for your non-driving transportation needs. Whether it be the purchase of a ticket to ride the train or bus, the purchase of a bike, or new walking shoes you’ll like a hero if you can approach the higher-ups about your desire to change and how they as a company can look good by helping you reach your goals. Really pushing this initiative will help you get one step closer to finding cheap insurance for your automobile.

Another great way to save on vehicle coverage is to join forces with a buddy or family member on the same policy. This works best if the buddy or family member is older and has experience driving, as well as a good driving record. You could receive hefty discounts off the merit of their driving. Better yet if you have a roommate and you both rent, then you could both get a renter’s insurance policy in combination with your vehicle coverage and receive cheap insurance discounts for having multiple policies.

The thing about auto insurers is that they love to see people make an effort to protect their own assets. When people do this then it decreases the likelihood that the insurance company will have to pay out on a claim. If you let them know of your efforts they are willing to give you discounts according to what measures you have taken. Doing things like installing anti-theft devices and taking defensive driving classes will show that you are proactive about your safety and the insurance company will like this. Be sure to speak up about any changes you make to your vehicle to make sure you get that cheap insurance for all your driving needs.

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