Cheap Insurance Is On Your Side or Is It Like A Good Neighbor

Cheap Insurance is really right inside your own insurance policy. There are some myths worth discussing. One is, you don’t have to wait for a policy renewal period to make changes with your carrier or a switch to a more competitive insurance company.

Cheap insurance does not mean limited coverage. You can keep the same coverage and pay a lot less for your car or home insurance. It’s all about being informed about a well known subject, Cheap Insurance, and the little known ways to make it fit into your budget with a smile.

Okay, let’s consider some very real situations. Currently, you are carrying a $100 deductible automobile insurance policy. You have a shopping-center fender bender and the body shop estimates your repair at $545. Do you opt for turning this claim in on your car insurance or pay for the repairs out of pocket to avoid the fear of higher insurance premiums?

Most car insurance policy holders will pay for the repairs out of pocket. Did you know that you are making a huge error in financial judgment if you choose to pay for this out of pocket and carry a $100 deductible. Without changing anything but your deductible amount on your car insurance policy, you could save well over $100 by raising your deductible to $500.

If you said you’d forgo turning in a $545 claim with your car insurance company, then why not save yourself a considerable amount on what you pay for your car insurance. Cheap insurance doesn’t have to be cheap or barely covered insurance. Remember, same coverage for less is the right way to obtain cheap insurance.

Cheap Insurance applies to your high homeowners policy as well. You have $250 or $500 deductible insurance policy and your home incurs a tree fall on the house. The tree surgeon charges you $675 to remove the tree. Do you turn it in on your insurance or do you pay it out of pocket? Then, why not call your insurance agent and tell him/her you want to raise your deductible to either $750 or $1000. The higher the deductible, the LOWER your insurance premium. It’s high time you got Cheap Insurance, and keep the coverage in tact.

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